Colombo Mine

The Colombo Mine is a gold vein lode deposit located in Northern California, 85 road miles from Reno, Nevada. The veins contain high-grade gold and it has been estimated that the potential gold resource of the Colombo Mine may be as much as 250,000 troy ounces.

Colombo Mine consists of twenty-two lode mining claims and five mill sites, for a total of approximately 465 acres, located on United States government land administered by the United States Forest Service.

Sierra Minerals is currently conducting an underground core drilling program to establish a 20,000-ounce gold resource. Upon completion of this effort, the company expects to begin production.

Since the acquisition of the Colombo Mine in 2018, Sierra Minerals has rehabilitated over 1800 feet of underground workings and has driven over 200 feet of crosscuts to locate three underground core drilling stations. Its underground drilling program is in the process of defining gold ore resources for development.

Mining core samples Manager Shawn in tunnel
Drilling cores in mine Over surface operations valley view